Art Gallery Ludwig Lefevere was founded in Wortegem, Belgium in 1989 by Ludwig Lefevere and his spouse Brigitte van den Bossche.
The exhibitions take place at their charming manor, built around 1825, which creates for an ideal location to showcase works by national and international artists. 
Established artists e.g. Pierre Alechinsky, Roger Raveel, Jose Vermeersch, Octaaf Landuyt, Joz de Loose, Christian Silvain and Panamarenko as well as young artists e.g. Jan Desmarets, Tjok Dessauvage, Herve Martijn, Merel and many more have had repeated showings in their gallery. 

A second gallery opened his doors in 1999 at the Belgian seacoast town Knokke. This brought in a wider variety of business and clients. Knokke is one of the most beautiful Belgian seatowns lined with art galleries. It is "The place to be for the art lovers". Art Gallery Lefevere is conveniently located on the boardwalk in the prestigious section of Knokke, called "Zoute". 

The constant influx of tourists makes this gallery renew and reinvent  itself by
continually searching for talented artists.