Art Gallery Ludwig Lefevere

      Dorota Bednarek      

My work is the intimate expression of who I am, my innermost being. A hand reaching out in a benevolent gesture towards sharing, a heart to heart dialogue. A reflection on the outside world that we co-create, on our inner world creates our reality. This is where it all begins .. This is a tribute, from a mere human, to nature, to the beauty of all that surrounds us, to the beauty of the other .. A reminder of values -our contribution to a better world. The small participation of each to a better future, our and our children .. I use matter and evrything around us is matter. Its diversity of colors, shapes, structures all interest me. Matter encloses beauty and life, it is materialized energy. I breath emotion into it, sublimly. Positive energy animates, giving it life. All this, in the eyes of an observer, make a work of art "powerful", "beautiful". It is this charge of energy left by the artist that comes from it.. The subjects are recurring, symbolically linked with myself .. I do not want to make you see through my perception, I'll let you absorb the work, re-invent your story. Read the emotion it gives you.. The emotion is to stay alive .. Contemplate the subject, contemplation brings you closer to yourself. In this solitude is inner peace, happiness dwells within .. Dorota